Arm lift (Brachioplasty)

Reasons for this operation are as follows: sagging skin or excess fat tissue, mostly in the medial region of the upper arm.

What you should keep in mind

local or local with sedation
Length of operation:
2 hours
Patient status:
Side effects:
swelling, tension, haematoma, wearing of a compression garment for 3 weeks, restricted movement of the upper arms for 2 weeks
back to work: 2 weeks
lasting in case the body weight remains constant

The operation

If the skin is still elastic, small amounts of fat tissue can be suctioned. If the loss of elasticity is restricted to the upper third of the upper arm, the operation consists in a resection of a longitudinal, spindle-shaped area of skin in this region. The scar on an axis from the armpit to the medial ellbow is hidden on the inner side of the upper arm and cannot be seen either from a frontal or dorsal view. The scar ends in the armpit.

Praxis Prof. Dr. med. Beer, Zürich
Example of a brachioplasty before (red) and after the operation (blue).

Treatment options

Treatment areas