Botulinum toxin

Reasons for this treatment are as follows: mimetic wrinkles of the face and neck, glabellar folds, frowns, marionettes, and longitudinal and horizontal folds on the neck.

What you should keep in mind

topical anaesthetic cream
Length of operation:
1/2 hour
Patient status:
Side effects:
swelling, redness, hematoma
back to work: immediately
lasting for 3 to 6 months

The treatment

The overactive muscles that are responsible for mimetic wrinkles are attenuated with small doses 

of botulinum toxin. This treatment lasts for 3 to 6 months and can then be repeated.

The treatment of glabellar frowns with botulinum toxin can, at the same time, ameliorate migraines.

A good success rate can also be achieved with the treatment of hyperhidrosis in the axilla after injecting botulinum toxin.

Praxis Prof. Dr. med. Beer, Zürich
Example of glabellar vertical frowning

Treatment options

Treatment areas