The breast

What should the female breast look like? What is considered beautiful? Perspectives regarding what is normal and beautiful have changed during prior centuries. Nowadays, the ideal woman is slim, yet big breasts are still considered to be beautiful.

As part of the body, the breasts do not escape the aging process. Over time the tissues relax, the number of breast glands diminishes, and the amount of fat tissue increases. All of these factors naturally lead to a more or less sagging breast.

However, to correct a sagging breast, it can be lifted.

Or, is the breast too small? Or, is it too large? In addition to breast lifts, breast augmentations and breast reductions are commonly requested operations in my clinic.

Sometimes fate leaves us with a breast tumor that must be removed. In these cases, a breast reconstruction can be considered.

Praxis Prof. Dr. med. Beer, Zürich
Example of a juvenile, medium-sized breast

Treatment options