Inverted nipples

Reasons for this operation are as follows: inverted nipples of grades 1 – 3.

What you should keep in mind

Length of operation:
1 hour
Patient status:
Side effects:
temporarily reduced sensitivity of the nipple-areola complex
back to work: 1 day

The operation

Via a small incision at the lower base of the nipple, the shortened excretory milk ducts are sectioned and the nipple is everted. The everted nipple is either secured by a burried purse-string suture or a piece of dermis or cartilage.

It is likely that a woman will be unable to nurse after this operation.

Praxis Prof. Dr. med. Beer, Zürich
Example of an inverted nipple of the right breast before (red) and after the eversion (blue).

Treatment options

Treatment areas