Reasons for this treatment are the following: pigmentary moles, superficial wrinkles, and irregularities of the skin.

What you should keep in mind

Length of operation:
1 hour
Patient status:
Side effects:
swelling, redness
back to work:1 to 3 weeks
depending on wound healing and pigmentation

The treatment

With a suitable dermabrader, the superficial layers of the skin can be removed. After wound healing, this treatment leads to a shrinkage and a lifting effect of the skin, making it appear younger and smoother. Dermbrasion is also suitable for the ablation of moles and other benign alterations of the skin without leaving unsightly scars.

Praxis Prof. Dr. med. Beer, Zürich
Example of freckles, before (red) and after dermabrasion (blue).

Treatment options

Treatment areas