Reasons for this operation are as follows: excessive fat tissue on defined parts of the body (not general obesity).

What you should keep in mind

local (tumeszenz) or local with sedation
Length of operation:
1 to 2 hours
Patient status:
Side effects:
swelling, tension, hematoma, wearing of a compression garment for 6 weeks
back to work: 1 week

The operation

The excessive fat is removed by thin suction cannulae through mini-incisions (5 mm) in hidden and inconspicous areas. After the liposuction, the overlying skin shrinks and adapts to the new silhouette, depending on the elasticity of the skin. The removal of fat cells is durable; however, the remaining fat cells can still enlarge as a result of general weight gain.  

If the skin lacks elasticity, the silhouette can additionally be improved with a lift operation.

Praxis Prof. Dr. med. Beer, Zürich
Example of a female shilouette before (red) and after liposuction (blue).

Treatment options

Treatment areas